Posted on: February 17, 2010 11:58 pm

Jamison to The Cavaliers, Great Trade

Jamison is a perfect fit for the Cavs.  Hats off to Danny Ferry
for once again making deals to help the Cavs win it all this year.
I hate it that their big backup center is gone, but I believe
he might be able to return to the Cavs after this season.
I believe that Jamison might just be the final piece to
the puzzle for the Cavaliers this season.   The Cavs become
NBA Champs this year, no doubt in my mind.
LeBron James re-signs a new deal with the Cavs then after the
Posted on: September 28, 2009 12:01 am

How to fix the Cleveland Browns

I am a proud Die-Hard Cleveland Browns fan (Season Ticket Holder
in the Dawg Pound) and I hate seeing the Browns turning into the Joke
of the N.F.L.   Here is my opinion on how to fix the Browns in 2009.

1.    I am not sold on Mangini, but I can't see firing him this season.
       We can't give up on him just yet.   Maybe we have to sacrifice
       not winning now so that we make a bigger improvement in 2010 & 2011.
2.    Since we are (0-3) I believe we should stick with QB Brady Quinn.
       I still believe that he will be better than Derek Anderson in the long run.
       Maybe we should try and trade Anderson now while we might still be able
       to get a 2nd or maybe even settle for a 3rd round pick.
       If Quinn doesn't make the necessary improvements by the end of the
       season, then maybe we should draft another quality QB in the 2010
       Draft.  By the way were going we will be assured of getting a top 5 draft
       pick.    Lets face it "We are in a rebuilding year".
       Maybe, just maybe Mangini's plan will need a year or two to work.
3.    The Browns need to fire their Offensive Coordinator.  
       Three other teams have done it, and we have had even worse results
       then they have, so why not.   In a recent interview he said that if 
       RB Jamal Lewis couldn't play due to injury that it would not change
       their Offensive play calling one bit.  Their running plays are the same, we just
       plug in a different back.   That's crazy.  Jamal Lewis is more of a inside the tackles
       runner, and Jerome Harrison is more of an outside runner, and James Davis is also
       a different runner than Lewis.  What an idiotic thing to say.
       Plus the Off. Co-ord. says things like, we hope to do this, and we hope to do that.
       What?   Plus his play calling in the red-zone also sucks.  As evidence in the Minn.
       game where he kept trying to run Cribbs up the middle inside the 3 yard line.
4.     I really do not believe that our Defensive is as bad as the statistics indicate.
       I also like our Defensive co-ordinator.   Our biggest problem as I see it is that
       the Offense is so bad (to many 3 plays and punt) that the defense wears out
       by the fourth quarter.  Plus, the defensive players have to be thinking "What the hell,
       the offense isn't going to do anything even if we stop the other team".  The
       defense is simply becoming worn out. 
5.     We are (0-3)  Maybe we win 3 games, or maybe we still can improve and some how
        win  6 or 7 games.  We need to keep working hard.   We need to make improvements
        Us fans should not abandon the Browns.   My fellow season ticket holders still need
        to keep going to the games and support the team. 
        Realistically, we are not making the playoffs this year, we might even end up in
        the basement of the NFL North.  But we can't give up.  The team needs to strive
        to still win as many games as we can,  and get a couple of great players in next
        year's draft and go from there.   We need to make sure however, that we
        DO NOT PICK 1st in the next NFL Draft.  We need to make sure that the Browns are
6.     Pray to god that our team improves this year.  Prayer never hurt anyone. 
        Maybe the good lord will bless the Browns and at least let us beat the Steelers and
        Bengals at least once this year so that the season isn't a total wash.

Posted on: September 1, 2009 1:23 am

Mangini needs to select his Browns Quarterback

I have stood up for Mangini for taking so long to declare who his starting Quarterback is. But enough is enough. He has given both QB's equal opportunity to prove themselves in the three pre-season games and he needs to pick one now before their final pre-season game. I understand that these two quarterbacks are pretty equal, and have played fairly evenly. Brady Quinn's statistics are a little better, he is a 2007 1st round draft pick, Anderson hasn't been as reliable since his surprising 2007 season, so I believe the organization should commit and declare Quinn the starter. I don't believe Ratliff is a go enough backup yet to consider trading Anderson away though. If Quinn plays out and becomes the kind of QB he was in college, then we can always trade Anderson next season. Even if Mangini decides to choose Anderson over Quinn, just do so now, and put the issue to rest. This issue needs to be settled, and now. Enough is enough. I believe Mangini is a very smart coach when it comes to breaking down plays, formations, (the X's & O's, but he seems to be one of those guys that wants to tell you how to build a watch everytime someone asks him for the time of day. The Cleveland Browns starting Quarterback is ___________________ .
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